Borrowed-Lite Glass Installations

In a room without exterior glazing, a “borrowed light” opening would allow that room to use natural light coming from an adjoining space. Denver Commercial Storefront Glass Installs offer a full range of metal components called “sticks,” which are used for the purpose of making the opening system significantly less flimsy and easier to operate. There is a huge range of stick frames, which can be used to make anything from partitions to window walls and entrance fronts. In addition, our Denver Commercial Storefront Glass Install provides a wide variety of sizes and jamb depths, which allows for endless design freedom because stick assemblies are commonly welded.

Using a borrowed light glass is good for maintaining an airy and well-lit space, as it allows light from one room to be reflected into another. In addition to a wide selection of knockdown borrowed-lite glass, we also offer frames you can install into existing structures or as you build them from scratch.

There are different types of borrowed light windows available from Denver Commercial Storefront Glass Install, including hollow metal borrow-lite frames, steel borrowed lite frames, and more.

Borrowed-Lite Glass Installations require specialized skills, training, and equipment; they cannot be done on your own. Commercial glass installation can be a complex process, so you want to hire an experienced and knowledgeable organization like Denver Commercial Storefront Glass Install. You should always hire a professional to install your commercial glass, especially if it’s for doors, storefront windows, or Borrowed-Lite Glass.

Why it’s Better to Hire Professionals for Installing Borrowed-Lite Glass

1. Safety

In order to install commercial glass properly, you need professionals who know how to handle shards and sharp edges so that there are no accidents or property damage. Also, as part of the project, our team of craftsmen removed every piece of glass fragment that could be left on the job site after installation, ensuring a safe job site for everyone.

2. Long-Term Savings

It may be cheaper to install the glass yourself in the short run, but hiring professional guarantees the job will be done correctly, so it won’t need to be fixed later. In addition, many reputed and professional glass service companies offer warranties to ensure customers are satisfied with the quality of their work.

3. Disposal of waste and cleanup

You can trust the professionals you hire to leave your property as clean as possible by removing particles such as paint chips, dust, and broken glass that may harm people or animals. In addition, installers of commercial glass will offer cleaning services as part of their service so they may dispose of recyclable materials and construction materials in accordance with laws and regulations, avoiding legal repercussions down the road.

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