Design Assistance

At Denver Commercial Storefront Glass Install, we start by interacting with the store owners and construction managers. Next, we define the project’s purpose and determine product lifecycle, performance, system type, and aesthetic criteria. In addition to evaluating how well the façade system can be constructed in terms of cost-effectiveness and energy efficiency, we will develop components that enhance or maintain the architectural design and function. 

What is our primary focus in providing design assistance?

To decide which design is suitable for your commercial property, you should consider the unique architectural features of your property first.

 The designers will assist you in designing your building to enhance the brand while complementing the unique features. A few factors to keep in mind are:

  • Framing Type

Wood, aluminium, and metal are the three most common materials for framing your storefront. Typically, we focus on aluminium and glass framing and are not involved with wood framing. Glass storefronts provide a modern appearance and are also very durable. For sophisticated, forward-thinking brands, including tech companies or designer fashion retailers, they’re the perfect choice in terms of enabling futuristic modernization of their products.

In contrast, aluminium framing for storefronts is one of the most common and adaptable styles available for use in today’s marketplace. A storefront frame made of aluminium creates a contemporary, straightforward appearance, such as the ones found in shopping plazas, schools, and residential apartment buildings.

  • Framing Color

Choosing the right color for the aluminium storefront framing of your business can be a useful way to make it stand out. Steel grey has a modern feel and can be used to create an elegant profile. Black framing, for example, gives the building a sleek appearance. If you’re designing for a fast-casual restaurant or quirky coffee shop, colors like royal blue and yellow might be attractive coinjoin whitepaper, while copper green might suit an old-fashioned brand. Color is a great way to create a distinction within shopping centers whose architecture is very similar. It will help you differentiate yourself from others.

  • Type of Glass

Glass with a clear viewing area is frequently used in many commercial buildings. However, there is a wide range of options to consider. In properties that experience a large amount of direct sunlight, reflective glass can help reduce direct sunlight. With a tinted appearance, this sort of glass can reduce some of the visibility from the inside. The storefronts of many offices and homes feature tinted glass. In addition, it is possible to properly insulate buildings with thermal glass and reduce noise pollution from nearby roadways.

Thermal efficiency and energy efficiency can be substantially improved with a new glass storefront over an existing system. There are a lot of storefronts that are not thermally broken, which can conserve energy and heat. It is possible to improve the thermal efficiency of broken glass by using different glass coatings.

  • Curtain walls made of glass

Aside from storefronts, glass is used as a structural element on upper or front façades of businesses. By replacing existing walls with glass, you can give your store a more welcoming appearance while letting in more natural light. In addition to adding natural light, glass curtain walls are a stylish and modern addition to any store. A glass curtain wall with large windows is ideal for creating welcoming display windows in retail spaces. Currently, restaurants display their dining rooms with glass curtain walls to attract customers and increase their revenue.

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