Providing unique and custom mirrors for your home or business, Denver Commercial Storefront Glass Install provides you with a wide range of options. Safety remains a top priority when crafting our mirrors, which are intricately detailed. In addition, our high-quality mirrors can be customized to fit any size bathroom or an entire wall of mirrors, so whichever solution you choose, you can be confident you will be satisfied.

When you have chosen the type of mirror you want and its prospective placement, it’s time to start working. Our first step is to cut and shape the mirror using a very fine cutting blade. Then, depending on your design, we can drill, notch, and make cutouts based on the details of your project. We offer a wide variety of edgework to meet your needs.

How to choose mirrors and how to install them

The majority of mirrors are made from a thin layer of metal that has been coated with adhesive. The back of a glass sheet is silvered or sprayed with an aluminium or silver layer to create most mirror products.

Mirrors made of acrylic are commonly used for large areas such as gyms or studios, but wall mirrors of high quality are made of lead-free, low-iron glass. It provides the highest reflective qualities and is distortion-free.

It is very important to have any mirror wall professionally installed due to the relatively large size of the glass being used. The task is both dangerous and foolish to attempt by someone who is untrained, and you should certainly not attempt it on your own. A loose mirror, a mirror that becomes unstable over time, or even worse, one that suddenly slides off and breaks, can be more than just an irritation.

In gyms with high levels of activity, mirrors are usually present. Consequently, many professionals use thicker glass wall mirrors, typically ΒΌ thick. These are stronger and have a thicker coating. A special process is used to glue these items to the wall so that if accidentally broken, no glass pieces fall.

The frameless mirror is also considered as an excellent application of large wall mirrors. Custom mirrors are often cut to a specific size and attached to a wall with a mirror adhesive. In high-traffic areas, such as bathrooms, bar elevations, and columns, these mirrors are often installed in this type of setting.

The following are some reasons to have your wall mirror professionally installed:

Installing in a safe manner

There are certain precautions a professional will follow to avoid scratching the glass, chipping, breaking, or dropping the frame.

Install the mount securely

It is important for you to hire a mirror installation professional to make sure that your mirror is installed correctly.

Getting the right hanging technique is crucial.

It is more secure and more attractive for professionals to use mounting materials in place of commonly used DIY solutions.

Take safety precautions

Professionals have the right tools and know-how to handle heavy mirrors easily, so your helpers and yourself are less likely to suffer harm.

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